Requesting storage space, costs

Requesting storage space, costs

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Your project data in Yoda

Every VU researcher can request storage space for their projects in Yoda. Requesting space is done via a request form. Please note that because there can be costs involved (see below) you need to supply a budget code.

The Yoda administrator will create a new Yoda Group and folder for you in the system and invites you to this Group. After that you can add colleagues to the new Yoda Group yourself, see Managing groups, users and access rights.

Typically you will request storage space for a specific research project, but it is also possible to request a shared space for your department or research group.

The two main reasons to request a separate group folder are:

  • The data should only be shared with specific people.
  • The associated project has its own budget.

Intake procedure

When you work with sensitive data we will always schedule a meeting with you to help you to safely work with your data.

In the form you can also indicate if you would like some help getting started with Yoda. We can either schedule a short 15 minute meeting to get you started or a longer meeting to have a closer look at your data and help you setting up a workflow.


The costs of storing data in Yoda have been harmonized with the other research data storage and archiving solutions provided at the VU. Usage of Yoda for small amounts (up to hundreds of GB) of data is free.This page on explains the cost model and free use limit.

Note that the cost of archived in the Yoda Vault is significantly cheaper than keeping all your data in active storage.